Kira DNA

Just had Kira's DNA results and, as expected, she is about 75% Saluki. She is also about 20% Sloughi and 5% Whippet so fairly consistent sight hound...

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Deer & Lyme disease

Britain’s soaring deer population is fuelling the growing problem of Lyme disease, scientists have warned. At the turn of the century there were only around 250 reported cases of lyme disease in the UK each year, but now the NHS says the figure is closer to 3,000 and...

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Dog Walking

I don't offer this service, but I am happy to recommend Martin at

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A new addition to the team, I asked 'Love Underdogs' to find me another Dana, and they have come up trumps. Early days (I only collected her yesterday), but she appears to have plenty of potential and more than a bit of mischief about...

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Kong Products

We all know how valuable Kong products have become for both improving dog training & behaviour. I am pleased to say that I can now offer a limited range of their products at competitive prices. For more details please go to...

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Intro to scent training

I have just finished a new article on scent training

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Worrying trend for dog owners !

Dogs Today Magazine There is a major threat to the off-lead exercising of dogs in Coventry. The original Dog Control Order stated that dogs should be lead-restricted on “All sports... grounds, fields, parks and pitches…but only when in use for officiated sporting...

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