Dog Sweater – knitting pattern

Many thanks to Jacquilyn Clark & Love Underdogs for this pattern

Dog Sweater

Size: Small

Double knitting wool

Size 8 & 10 needles (4mm & 3¼mm )

Pattern starts at neck.

With size 10 (3¼mm) needles cast on 70sts, proceed in k1.p1 rib.

Shape neck as follows:

1st row rib 18 turn                                                                                                               

2nd row rib to end                                                                                                                

3rd row across all sts                                                                                                    

Repeat these 3 rows 3 more times.

Body of Sweater

Change to size 8 (4mm) needles and pattern (1 row knit 1, 1 row purl)                      

1St Row (knit) pattern 16 inc in next 2 sts pattern to last 18 sts inc in next 2sts pattern to end.                                                                                                                             Continue in pattern increase in this manner on every alternate row until 102 sts

Divide for Leg opening

Knit row, pattern 16, turn, proceed on these 16sts until work measures 3″ in length, finishing with a knit row, break off wool and rejoin wool to remaining stst (knit side facing) pattern to last 16sts, turn and proceed on these centre sts until work measures 3″ ending with a knit row.

Break off wool and rejoin to remaining 16sts (knit side facing) work on these 16sts until work measures 16sts (knit side facing) work on 16sts until work measures 3″ ending on a knit row.

Next row Purl across all stitches.                                                                                      

Next row (knit) Pattern 16 k2 tog pattern to last 18sts K2 tog. Pattern to end.           

Continue to decrease in this way on every 4th row until 86 sts remain                       

Continue on these sts until the work measures 5″ from leg opening

Change to No.10 (3¼mm) needles and work in K1 p1 rib for 1½inches.                          

Cast off in rib

Crochet round the leg opening.                                                                                     

Stripes are optional.


                                                                                             Finished item just before sewing together.

















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