On Saturday 3rd December we welcomed ‘Kira’ approximately 5 months old and the newest member of the team.

Dana has been an absolute boon for the business & family, but she is 4 yrs.’ old now and I don’t want puppies jumping all over her when she is 6/7 yrs.’ old. So it seemed obvious to ask the same charity (http://www.loveunderdogs.org/) that found ‘Dana’, to keep an eye open for another, and they have come up trumps with Kira.

Kira looks to be confident, receptive and with a healthy amount of mischief about her

I have three priorities for training;

  1. Pumped up socialisation
  2. Recalls &
  3. Not pulling on the lead.

Kira in Romania

Practising recalls

So far the signs are good, I was relieved that she sleeps through the night and that the crate has become a real ‘den’ for her.

I was surprised on Sunday when I took her up to Bunkers Lane Open Spaces, that she was obviously unused to large open areas. However, she soon got over it and I made a point of introducing her to lots of dogs and was especially pleased with her performance in the puppy class, where I used her to demonstrate the introduction to heelwork.

Today (Monday) I took her down Boxmoor Trout Fishery and practised recalls. Then off to the Rowan Garden Centre in Chalfont St Peter, and then into the town to experience some traffic, all in all a busy and productive day.

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