To quote Temple Grandin “In terms of emotions dogs need”;

  • Social contact, so their PANIC system doesn’t get activated. Develop their frustration tolerance, and remember that behaviour training is all about ‘impulse control & emotional restraint’.
  • Games and play with owners to activate SEEKING system.
  • Interesting things to do – especially long walks – that also arouse their SEEKING system.


There are some great walks in the Chilterns area, and I have listed some suggestions here. If you can recommend any others please let me know.

I find these walks as enriching as my dogs do, whether visiting the ‘Tree Cathedral’, Norman castles & churches, neolithic burial mounds or appreciating one of Britain’s most endangered trees, the black poplar.


Smoke & Yanto, (my youngest brother’s ridgebacks), they were excellent pets due in a very large part to plenty of stimulating exercise.





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