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There is no dog training on 22nd Jan, 5th, 12th, & 13th Feb’22

Welcome, my name is Regan Skinner and I am based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire,
although I also do a lot of work in Chesham.

One thing certain about dog trainers is that, if you gathered three together in a room,
you would end up with at least four different methods of training a dog!

With hundreds of breeds of dogs and variations that can occur even within each litter,
there is no one method that will work with every dog & owner.

 However the principles are the same for all my training.

I believe that the dog’s core emotions drive its behaviour
Training should be reward based
A fully charged ‘good boy/girl’ is essential.

I can help with a wide range of training, perhaps you are just aiming for a ‘quiet life’, or you may wish to explore how much you can achieve together.

Unfortunately I am no longer able to offer classes for reactive dogs.

Currently what I find most satisfying is ‘companion dog’ training whether working on a budding friendship ,or understanding and repairing a fractured relationship.

“Learning happens whether or not we intend for it toA dog’s cognition is shaped by human actions, expectations and environment, not just their evolutionary history or breed.” (Monique Udell)

Please contact me with your ambitions or problems and we can discuss it further.

Be warned though, dog training can become addictive, once you start to progress you may be surprised at just how much enjoyment you, and your companion, can have.


To prepare our dogs to be able to live in our world.

We should ponder on what this means and implies;

Interact with humans 

Interact with dogs (and other animals)

Develop learning skills

Cope with success & failure

Dr Roger Abrantes

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