About me

Like many, I grew up with dogs including a labrador, bulldog and the genetically obscure. I started working professionally with dogs in 1976, when I joined the Royal Army Veterinary Corp. For over 10 ½  years I served in areas as diverse as Melton Mowbray, Hong Kong & N. Ireland.

During that time I qualified as a dog handler, riding instructor and veterinary assistant. 

P.S. I am the (very young !) lance corporal on the end.

 For over 21 years I worked as a dog handler in the Metropolitan Police Service. As well as training ‘General Purpose’ Police dogs to find people and/or property by either tracking or searching.  I have also trained & worked these dogs in ‘Firearms Recovery’, ‘Firearms Support’ & ‘Human Remains’ detection. Tas Heelwork_opt

I particularly enjoyed participating in police working trials with my dogs, albeit with a mixed bag of results!

I qualified as a team trainer & since 2003 I have been a Member of the ‘British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers’.

I consider myself primarily as a dog trainer, who may be able to  help with some behavioural issues, neither discipline can fully succeed without the other.

” I believe the target of anything in life should be to do it so well that it becomes ART “

Arsene Wenger

I am also a firm believer in keeping my knowledge up to date.


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I often use ‘Bunkers Lane Open Spaces’ if you see me, please stop and say hello. The paw icon marks the car park.

OS X (Eastings)     508606
OS Y (Northings)    205988
Nearest Post Code   HP3 8LZ
Lat (WGS84)         N51:44:31 (51.742080)
Long (WGS84)        W0:25:42 (-0.428413)
Lat,Long            51.742080,-0.428413
Nat Grid            TL086059 / TL0860605988
mX                  -47690
mY                  6720050
Mapcode             GBR G6W.LJ7

  For more information on the open spaces, please see this article from Barbara Chapman;